The Gaza Strip is a tiny, Palestinian bubble of fear and hope. Fear of bombs and hope of peace. The Strip’s young try to live their lives in defiance of the Israeli blockade.

The Gaza Strip has one of the world’s youngest populations. Almost two thirds of the people there are under the age of 25. It is estimated that the number of inhabitants will grow by half a million, reaching 2,2 million, before the year 2020 reaching. The blockade, imposed by Israel and Egypt, hinders people from leaving and food and supplies from entering. The infrastructure cannot handle the growing population and the lack of resources is severe.

The youth has been born into an explosive conflict, where the expectancy of war and bombardments is ever-present. They dream of a good and independent life in peace. But they worry as unemployment rates skyrockets (35%) while the economy, which depends on international donations and import and export through illegal tunnels, is fragile. The lack of meaningful activities has grave consequences: social unrest, violence and extremism are some of the youths' possible outlets for their frustrations.

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