Sorvad is barely a village with its 36 houses dotted along the narrow road Sorvadvej at Norddjurs. There is an ever-present sound of nothing and on the surrounding fields a small group of deer peacefully graze on the barley sprouts.

Land development experts have suggested that the public should “help” the smallest villages to disappear: to conduct a sort of structural euthanasia by demolishing empty houses and rewarding the people who move away economically. They argue, that it is expensive for society to service the scarcely populated villages with public busses, home care, drainage and snow removal.

But in Sorvad they have plenty of space. Space to be yourself. Space to have animals. Space for diversity. And they know how to call their neighbor if the cow is calving or the goldfish needs feeding. The inhabitants live in a unique equilibrium between nature and civilization, autonomy and and a feeling of belonging that only the smallest of villages are home to.

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