The political debate on inclusion of children with special needs in schools is often focused on percentages, class sizes and cost benefit analyses. But the children with special needs are basically like all other children. Meet a few of them here.


Jens, 6th grade

Diagnossis: ADHD

Fan of: racing driver Allan Simonsen

Best vacation: trip to Le Mans 2008

Best friend: five best friends (one for each school day)

Favorite food: ham


Lukas, 1st grade

Diagnosis: ADHD

Fan of: Medina (musician) and Scooby-Doo

Best vacation: themepark in Germany with mom, dad and sister

Favorite food: sushi and lasagna

Likes: to play with Lego and Dinosaurs 

Best friend: Sally


Rebecca, 6th grade

Diagnosis: Aspergers syndrom

Fan of: Yorukichi and Samuraiman

Best vacation: fishing, eating chocolate and swimming with the family in Norway

Favorite food: salmon

Best friends: Sarah and Julie


Robin, 2nd grade

Diagnosis: Hearing impaired

Likes: To play ping-pong

Best vacation: Swimming on Malta

Favorite food: Pizza

Best friend: Noah


Sandra, 6th grade

Diagnosis: infantile autism

Fan of: Justin Bieber

Likes: horse riding

Best vacation: camping and eating ice cream in Germany.

Favorite food: tartlets

Best friend: Louise, who is also "best enemy"


Viktor, 2nd grade

Diagnosis: ADHD

Likes: to watch DR Ultra (Danish children's TV)

Best vacation: trip to Croatia with mom and sister.

Favorite food: pizza

Best friend: Adrian, Sebastian, Emil and many more...


Virgil, 6th grade

Diagnosis: ADHD

Best vacation: one month in Thailand. Kissed a tiger on the mouth.

Favorite food: spaghetti bolognese

Likes: to play roleplaying games after school

Best friends: Tore, Anton, Pelle and others

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